Your Guide To Conditioning Equipment- Part 1


Regardless of what population you serve, having a conditioning component is critical to improving the way your clients move and feel.  Agreed?

One thought process held by many fitness professions views conditioning in a minimalist approached.  The perspective is that as long as you have some space, you can create conditioning programming that will be safe, effective, progressive and customized to your client.

This is not untrue.  With a gymnasium or open field, the possibilities are endless.

What happens when recovery or impact to the body becomes a prime consideration in your conditioning programming?

That would occur if you are working with elite athletes, or anyone over 35.   A person’s ability to go through a workout is always determined by their level of soreness from the previous workout, is it not? Metabolically, we can recover quite quickly.  Physically, our body is a little slower.  A high impact conditioning component to a workout can create some wear and tear on a body.  If you are dealing with the elite or older athlete, this now becomes a consideration for the workouts you prescribe (and your own workout as well!).

So what kind of tools (aka equipment) can assist you with programming that is taxing metabolically yet easier on the body than some other minimalist options?

These tools all fit the criteria of being customizable to each individual, allows you to have variety from workout to workout, is low or no impact, taxing metabolically,

  1.  An ultra slide board.   Used by elite athletes from all the major sports, this piece of equipment is low cost, high return in terms of programming options and challenge levels. With 22 years of experience, this product is designed to last for years and years for only a few hundred dollar investment. There are so many great benefits to lateral training, the ultraslide allows for thes while being no impact. There is only one real slide board worth investing in – the Ultra Slide. See examples here: www.ultraslide.com
  2. An expresso bike. An interactive bike that is now being used for pro athletes and weekend warriors alike. You can see more here and also see what this pro athlete uses for the conditioning portion of his workout.  www.ifholdings.com for the main site and the pro athlete profile here http://bit.ly/1qN0qcY

day in the life

  1. An elliptical with elevation and directional change functions.  Ellipticals to cater to all populations as a conditioning tool must have elevation change and no mechanical arms swinging from side to side.   We have chosen Precor for these and other critical reasons for your success.

Reach out to your STAK Fitness representative and let us work with you on providing conditioning tools that will allow you to serve more people better!