You Ready for the Next Wave of Fitness Business Competition?


You are well aware that the consumer has never had more options to pursue in keeping their mind and body in good shape.

Over the last 20 years, communities have gone from 1-2 options, to tens of options, with tons of different ways to exercise. It used to be that a gym in your part of town or community provided different ways of working out not found anywhere else.

That has changed.

From Cross Fit to martial arts, yoga, women’s only, to the big community center, the budget gym to the full service gym, the personal training studio to the athletic performance center. Gyms in hotels, condos, and at the office have never been more available.

As a fitness organization, the competition for your customer/patrons attention will not stop, it will keep evolving. The latest pull to their attention is what we call the “amazon.com” of fitness (aka online fitness programs and memberships).

Are you ready?

Heard about Peloton? Here is how this group carved out sales of $150 Million in 2016 and a membership base of 100 000 https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/290540

Heard of P90x? That is one of the many products produced by Beachbody, whom boasts of a community of 350 000 through their various their platforms. They were listed (2015) as one of the top 10 most innovative companies in the world http://bit.ly/2pdj17G

Workout videos have been around for a long time, however, digital access has made these type of workouts more and more accessible.

As a fitness operator with bricks and mortar, what should you do?

Different options will suit different people. Some folks want the isolation of their workouts at home. They don’t want a gym or studio. The biggest concern however, would be trying a program that is not appropriate or customizable to individual differences.

The fitness consumer (your patron) is looking for reasons to come to your place of workout. Give them the reasons, because they are not obvious anymore!

Identify your strengths and focus on executing around that. The social component is big in going to a facility to workout. Getting guidance, and personal coaching is also something that will allow for differentiation and value in helping exercisers reach their goals. Are you supporting your staff in their pursuit of presenting coaching, and customizing training programs? Is your marketing reflective of this?

In short, the next wave of competition is here. To grow in this climate , we have found the following is a good start:

  1. Highlight and focus on your strengths – positive social atmosphere in your club, customized guidance, coaching, personal attention to your patrons needs.
  2. Empower your staff to do the same and communicate these strengths to prospects and members as a value builder.
  3. Get this message out in your marketing!
  4. Continue to find ways to differentiate and highlight your value.

At STAK Fitness/Matrix Canada, we can support your organization on its journey to differentiate, create value and grow. We have worked with close to 5000 organizations in Canada since 2004.

We have supported implementations of successful small group training programs and education, technology enhancements on equipment, and/or refreshes around traditional fitness areas.

All our suggestions are supported by our local consultations and proven in environments just like yours.

Let’s connect to explore ASAP, as we know digital competition can gain momentum fast!


Greg Lawlor is VP of Sales and Customer Experience at STAK Fitness/Matrix Canada.