What the top 3 revenue increases teach us about the future of offering fitness


Recently club industry published the top increases in revenue from facilities across the USA.

Did you see it?

The top ones jump out because they not only offer fitness, they offer programming that is a little different than the traditional “gym model”.

What does that tells us about what is working in offering fitness?

The top 3 in revenue increases were the following organizations: Exos, UFC, Orange theory.

A couple of reasons they are growing so fast:

A.   Additional locations or acquisitions.
B.   Template programming that resonates with their target audience.

In the top 3, it is a combination of both.

Adding new locations is self explanatory.

What about the programming that resonates with target audience?

Each one of those organizations have structured programming recipes they follow in each location that is getting them some traction.

What is template programming?

Template programming is standardized programming that has proven results. The programming must have the flexibility of catering to different fitness levels, experience levels , age groups but standardized so there is some consistent components to it. This allows the organization to deliver a standard of training to staff, and a standard of training to their patrons that they know will get results.

But the templates are not just workout related, they also cover the marketing.

So what would that template programming checklist look like?

  • Instructor manuals
  • Ready to run workouts supports by videos and coaching tutorials.
  • Schedule of workouts itemized over a set time period
  • Standardized equipment with features that support the program
  • Instructions and guidelines specific to each type of equipment
  • Marketing materials on how to promote the programs.

The really good templates also have a “how to sell” portion of the support to maximize traction.

“How to sell” covers the process the front desk and sales team follow in order to get a new paying customer.

So, with that being said, how is your template programming?

  • Is your revenue flat or going backwards or growing?
  • Does your programming follow the same old gym model of programming of the last 40 years?
  • Is it something customized to your target market?
  • Is it something you promote, market and sell?
  • Does your staff have access to the resources so they are all on the same page?
  • Are your staff all using the tools to train people differently or following same guidelines?

Whether you operate a small business or a large one, the ability to serve your target market is the best way to create value and monetize. That equals growth.

These organizations have worked with partners and/or developed their own programming/marketing strategy to grow.

What is your next step?

Connect with us, and one of our field experts can share some ideas of how some proven templates can be adopted to your vision and organizational mission!



Here is the link to the aforementioned club industry article: http://www.clubindustry.com/awards-rankings/12-club-businesses-biggest-revenue-increases-club-industrys-top-100

Greg Lawlor is VP of Sales and Customer Experience at STAK Fitness/Matrix Canada.