What is the Hidden Cost to Using Tires for Fitness?


Over the last 5 years, we have seen a growth not only in functional training, but also unique tools that can help us prepare us for the demands of competition and/or day to day life.

There are some pieces of equipment that on the surface look like they are all the same. Kettlebells, weight plates, Olympic bars, suspension trainers, rings, medicine balls etc etc. (They are not all the same but that is a topic for another time)

Then there are other pieces of gear, that , well are unconventional. One of them is tractor tires! (a fitness tire!) Get a 300 lb or 400 lb tractor tire and flip it. Yahoo! Actually, they are fun, challenging, and a great total body challenge.

They should be very inexpensive, right? Go to an old place that services tractors or trucks.


Most of these organizations would gladly help out with you taking 1 or 3, because they are difficult to dispose of, correct?

In fact, disposal of old tires has become a topic of environmental debate in the last number of years.

Tire derived fuels (TDL) have become a hot topic when looking for proper way of disposal. In BC, in 2007 they created Tire Stewardship BC which is a non profit organization that focuses on proper disposal of the 37000 tonnes of tires that need to be recycled annually in the province (that is 1 car tire per person in BC per year to dispose of. Reference


They are also messy. They smell of toxic fumes, are dirty and laced with chemicals!

The good news is that industries like flooring and artificial turf have found a home for some of these tires, with many organizations going through an extensive cleansing process to remove toxins and chemicals from the tires. They have broken them down and created a solution out of recycling tires!

But what about the problem with introducing used tires to your fitness offering and their toxicity?

Every tire flip incorporate core, your major muscles from fingertip to toes. Do a few in a row and you have an awesome high intensity workout. Drag them, push them and now you have variety that allows you to work on speed, balance, power and more.

What about deadlifts in them? Or plyometric push-ups? How about a safer alternative?

Offering fitness today is all about providing workouts that are safe, customizable, attractive and keep people coming back.

So STAK Fitness is pleased to bring the TIyR© by Escape Fitness to Canada!


The awesome Escape Fitness TIyR© maintains the rawness of regular tire flipping as seen on Strongman videos, but has been adapted to suit the rigours of any functional training zone. Manufactured to Escape’s high standards it also looks great and stops you from having to drag an ugly, dirty tractor tyre into your facility. It also comes with straps and as such provides far more uses than a regular tractor tyre. Soft but heavy, simple but innovative and still super tough like the real thing, they are a must for every functional zone.

  • REDUCED DIAMETER BUT INCREASED MASS means that not only is it challenging to lift but it will also land flat when pushed over for added safety.
  • UNIQUELY MANUFACTURED by combining polymer foam and steel shot, the weight is evenly distributed. The centre and internal edges are smooth giving you a new, safe platform to jump on, off and in to which multiplies the exercise possibilities.
  • ENGINEERED DOUBLE STITCHES NYLON GRAB HANDLES continue over the sidewall providing dead-lifts and Farmer’s Walks exercise option.


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