The New Standard for Fitness Equipment in Your Facility!


Wanted to share with you results of STAK Fitness most recent survey and demonstrate the new standard of how new fitness equipment, or commercial fitness equipment upgrades are evaluated.

First of all, we know , that is offering fitness services the biggest challenges are

ü  Engaging the community you serve

ü  Differentiating from the other choices your potential customer have

ü  Ongoing financial sustainability

Secondly, we also know that the following enhances the above:

ü  Ongoing challenges and goal setting and tracking

ü  Collaborative activity with social component

ü  A variety of workouts possible to avoid boredom

If you agree with any of the above, then this information below is very powerful.

Let’s set the stage.

In the last 3-4 months, STAK Fitness surveyed over 500 Precor fitness equipment users across 5 large facilities.

We are dissecting the data, but wanted to share some of the initial highlights on the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer (www.amtfitness.com ) :

Across the 5 locations, 259 fitness center patrons surveyed on this particular piece, we found the following:

ü  66% of them would use the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer over their current favorite equipment (WOW!)

  • 76% of them in one facility where the AMT was networked with Preva by Precor (what is Preva? see www.preva.com  )

ü  80% of them would refer the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer to a friend.

ü  71% of the 259 surveyed would use the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer in addition to what they currently do or use.

ü  86% of those surveyed wanted a minimum of 3 in their facility.

Precor AMT

We have similar data for treadmills, bikes and other products as well

How does that translate to financial sustainability, engagement and increased value in your fitness center?

Let’s connect!

One of our local, regional representatives can set a time for a meeting to go over the possibilities.

ü  66% would use the Precor AMT over their current piece of equipment??

ü  80% of these participants would refer  this experience to their friends (hello, referral program, the most powerful form of marketing …built into your equipment).

ü  71% would use the Precor AMT in addition to what they currently do!!!

Every investment you make, must have a return on investment.  Let us show you how commercial fitness equipment like this will make this process very, very positive.

Let’s connect soon.

To set up your meeting and consult, email me at greg@stakfitness.com and I will connect you to our local representative!

In your service,

Greg Lawlor

Chief Customer Officer, STAK Fitness.