Sustainable Fitness Centers- When Will We Be Ready?


The #1 challenge to those offering fitness is to provide the services (so desperately needed) in a way that is financially viable.

Challenge #1A is to have folks realize that there are opportunities out there, strategies, implementation plans available for that to happen.

Here is one example where City of Edmonton mayoral candidate for Kerry Diotte is getting tired of “taj mahal” recreation centers that are not sustatinable.

Good for him!

That is where it has to start – an appetite for change!

Here is the article http://www.edmontonjournal.com/travel/Kerry+Diotte+wants+building+unsustainable+recreation+centres/8995008/story.html

Greg Lawlor

Greg Lawlor is a devoted husband & father,  speaker and Chief Customer Officer of STAK Fitness (www.stakfitness.com) , an authority in fitness supply and education.  He writes regularly at www.greglawlor.com . This article is an excerpt from Greg’s new book “Crisis in the Gym, How Those Offering Fitness Are Failing and How to Fix It”, due out in early 2014.  Connect with Greg on twitter @greglawlor or www.facebook.com/greglawlor for release date of the book and how to get your free copy.