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Sports are played in 360 degrees of movement, and athletes need to train and condition in that same environment. The UltraSlide® Octagon 2x8 allows athletes to change direction and use a wide variety of angles as they slide across the surface. The unique patent-pending design means the bumpers can be reconfigured to create two 8 foot long (and 4 foot wide) lateral slide boards (thus the “2x8”). The two boards can be adjoining so athletes can train together, or separated to have the boards in different parts of your facility. The versatility of the UltraSlide Octagon 2x8 is limitless, as are the sports whose athletes will benefit from its use.



Bumper width and length: 2.25 inches high, 35 inches long. Made from reclaimed ash.
Baseboard composition and thickness: ½ inch thick laminated birch plywood baseboard and 1/8 inch thick slide surface.
Storage Recommendations: The UltraSlide Octagon 2x8 separates in half, which not only allows for use of two separate 8 foot lateral slide boards (“2x8”), but also allows the unit to be more easily stored as needed.

Each purchase includes one pair of high-quality UltraSlide slippers, one can of UltraSlide Slide Polish, maintenance instructions and access info for 6 FREE How-To videos to get you sliding immediately!

UltraSlide® Octagon 2x8
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