POLAR A370 fitness tracker with continuous heart rate

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POLAR A370 fitness tracker with continuous heart rate


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Polar A370 is a sleek and sporty waterproof fitness tracker that helps you stay on the pulse 24/7 with continuous heart rate monitoring, advanced sleep tracking and Polar’s unique workout features. 

Sleep better with Polar Sleep Plus™, Polar’s advanced sleep tracking & analysis solution. Track your sleep, get sleep feedback and let detailed sleep insights guide you towards better sleeping habits.

Follow your heart rate around the clock with Polar’s automatic and intelligent continuous heart rate solution and get the full benefits of heart rate monitoring. Polar’s proprietary wrist-based heart rate solution tracks your heart rate from the wrist easily and comfortably all day and night.

Find the balance: be active, have a rest and enjoy.

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S: 125-170 mm M/L: 140-200 mm

Polar Sleep Plus automatically tracks your sleep and gives you valuable insights to your night. Your Polar tracker monitors your movements with a built-in 3D accelerometer — it automatically detects when you fall asleep and when you wake up. Polar’s precise sleep metrics provide a detailed overview of your sleep every night.

Continuous heart rate tracking with Polar is dynamic, intelligent and optimized. It takes advantage of Polar’s proprietary optical heart rate solution that measures your heart rate with the help of LED lights and a light-detecting photodiode. The LED’s shine green light on the skin, and the photodiode measures the intensity of the light reflecting back. Polar’s scientifically developed algorithm translates this data into heart rate readings.


The intelligent technology checks your heart rate at regular short intervals. It detects if your heart rate is high and automatically records it until your heart rate goes down.


When your arm is moving and the accelerometer on your Polar product detects a high activity level, heart rate recording will start automatically.


When you haven’t been moving for a while, your Polar product automatically starts to record heart rate to look for the lowest heart rate of the day. For the lowest heart rate of the night, your heart rate is checked at regular short intervals during your sleep.

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