Escape Battle Fit Group Training

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Escape Battle Fit Group Training

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BATTLE FIT is a team-based functional training program developed by former British Army officers, based around high-intensity 35-minute workouts. Tapping into the popularity of bootcamps, it pushes participants past their comfort zone to their best ever fitness levels.

By investing in BATTLE FIT, your club or PT business gets instant access to everything you need to run outstanding programming based around military training. Workout videos and templates, trainer education materials and in-club marketing materials - it’s all in the package.


Contact our team today for a full implementation plan, including education and equipment, to make sure your organizational goals get achieved.




BATTLE FIT is definitely not for the feint-hearted. It’s only for those looking to work out at extreme intensity. People who take part in a BATTLE FIT session will come away exhausted but with a huge sense of accomplishment. They will also have the satisfaction of being involved in a session with plenty of camaraderie and team spirit.

But BATTLE FIT isn’t just for ‘elite’ members. It has been created with flexibility and safety in mind and can accommodate members of different abilities in the same session. Trainers can ramp up the intensity for more advanced members, while at the same time instructing less able participants in a way that matches their capabilities.


There are instruction manuals for trainers, 35-minute workouts, fitness tests, product-specific training workshops and an exercise library covering all of the workout components.

It’s all available as video on the Escape Training portal, and backed up by an impressive set of binders presented in a smart box. This really is a comprehensive programming package that clubs can get up and running fast, and that will cover many months of scheduling.


Here's what you get in your BATTLE FIT package:

  • Operations Manual (binder and online pdf).
  • How to Guide (binder and online pdf).
  • Exercise Library (videos with coaching notes).
  • Terminology Card (to explain the military terminology used in BATTLE FIT).
  • Twenty-six 35-minute workouts (videos with coaching notes).
  • Five Operational Fitness Tests (videos with coaching notes).
  • Six Product Training Workshops (online access to workshop materials including videos).
  • Marketing materials (posters, flyers and social media content for you to use).
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