C.M.T. Product Training Workshop

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C.M.T. Product Training Workshop
S-830111 (TRAIN11)

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The Core Momentum Trainer (CMT) is a brand new training tool that is about to change the industry. It’s all about developing the deep core muscles and all muscles involved in movement. Designed by a leading physical therapist, Derek Stevenson and engineer Mark Lashinske who problem-solves for big companies including Boeing, this tool is amazing in the right hands.

Contact our team today for a full implementation plan, including education and equipment, to make sure your organizational goals get achieved.




Within this two-hour workshop, we will show you the fundamentals of using the CMT. The workshop is extremely active, examining muscle-by-muscle and movement-by-movement the spectrum of possibilities that the CMT allows.

Looking for ways to get the most from the Core Momentum Trainer?

Eager to create more effective core and movement development workouts for your clients?

Interested in delivering training programs specifically aimed at people involved in various sports?

Keen to use a fitness tool that really gets clients excited and talking about their experience with friends?

We created this workshop because the CMT is capable of achieving so much when it’s put to use correctly. Yes, anyone can pick it up and make a good start right away. But there is a great deal of complexity behind the CMT and therefore getting some training on its capabilities really does expand what you can do with it.

By fully understanding how the CMT works, and experiencing first-hand the range of exercises in this workshop, you will be in a much better position to deliver outstanding CMT workouts to clients.

Learn how to subconsciously activate the core.
Develop exercises that integrate the core with the shoulders and legs, and through all different motions.
Motivate clients by connecting them to the changing sounds of the CMT.
Develop movements that precisely hit muscles.
Design sports specific movements for maximum transfer to performance.
Time: 2 Hours
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SKU S-830111 (TRAIN11)