STAK Fitness to Give Away $500 to Help You Serve People Better


At Can Fit Pro 2013 in Toronto, STAK Fitness is thrilled to announce  the  STAK Performance Challenge

(also known as the  #STAKchallenge)  for any of you who provide fitness services.

In order to serve more people better, you need to be aware of the tools available to engage, retain and attract more people to your services.

STAK Fitness will provide $500 incentive to help you do just that.

At Can Fit Pro Toronto- Click Here for Trade Show Details


If you are up for it, take the  challenge and  you will become eligible for the $500 prize.

Email to reserve Your Preferred Time to enter the #STAKChallenge  (limited spots available)


To participate, present yourself at the STAK Booth (#323)  

The #STAKChallenge is a great way to:

  • Potentially get paid to learn something new
  • Ask about our profit formula on using the tools we have you try
  • Get your heart rate up.
  • Evaluate for yourself what tools will enhance your revenue.

The #STAKChallenge is NOT FOR YOU IF:

  • You are not interested in learning how to use a new tool to serve more people better.
  • You have no competition for your services.
  • Financially, you are content and maxed out on earning potential
  • You don’t believe that equipment can enhance your value and earnings!

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At Can Fit Pro Toronto (@canfitpro, #cfptwenty )-

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