STAK 3.0 Has Been Launched



STAK 3.0 is the next phase of commercial supply and support for the Canadian fitness market, officially launched for our customers September 21st.

STAK 3.0 is positioned to be the pre-eminent resource for all Canadian organizations offering fitness services. I will explain in a minute.

First a little background information:

STAK 1.0 took place from founding in 2004 to 2010. STAK 1.0 served almost 700 organizations, mostly in Quebec.

STAK 2.0 took place from June 2010 to September17, 2015. STAK 2.0 grew its customer base from 700 to over 4000 organizations across the country. Not exactly billions served like the popular fast food restaurant, however we are proud of this accomplishment. In fact, if you think of the people served in each organization, 4000 x 100 people for example – that means 400 000 Canadians have access to equipment supplied by STAK Fitness. Wow! Never thought of that until just now. That is way more positive that billions on fast food anyway!

That brings us to STAK 3.0.

STAK 3.0 is poised to raise the level of support for organizations like yours. This not only includes a much wider range of equipment than STAK 2.0, but also a level of support that Canadian organizations have not experienced at any time before.

We look forward to connecting and sharing examples of what that means exactly. (by the way, it does not change the level of support on equipment you already have – in fact, it enhances it).

Our team of 12 field representatives is growing. We have expansion plans and coverage plans that will not only impress, but change the playing field on your expectations for quality, reliability, variety, service and support. These variables must be on your checklist for providing a unique experience for your patrons – one that helps your organization get to the next level.

Did you see the press release? Click here to read the complete PRESS RELEASE

Let’s connect soon.


Greg Lawlor

Vice President, Sales

STAK Fitness, A division of Johnson Health Tech.


PS Yes, there will be official STAK 3.0 Launch Party Promo – get connected to us on FACEBOOK for details coming soon. If you are not on Facebook – email me to get on the notification list!