Sprint Intensity Programming – the missing ingredient in your fitness offering?


If you are offering fitness, you are always looking for what can make the difference in getting people results, in attracting and retaining paying customers versus the other options your audience has to choose from. If you have found the hook, the magnet, the piece that will attract them – then good, but you are rare.

Many have not. Like many things offered to consumers – fitness has much competition.

In that light, did you notice the 2 recent articles on high performance and programming in Forbes magazine? (see them here: bit.ly/2tdZPnZ and the follow up article: bit.ly/2sAgVQ0)

The article speaks of the science behind the benefits if sprint intensity training and its specific protocol.

At first glance, it looks like another article on High Intensity Interval Training, but I would encourage you to look closely. It is not “just another article”. Phil Cambpell, founder of Sprint 8 training, has been looking for the ideal training program for maximum benefits for 30 years. He has made it his life’s work.

Sprint 8 training protocol speaks to the science behind the program and the benefits to those who follow it 3x per week for 20 minutes each time. Specifically, the natural release of Human Growth Hormone and its benefits–including fat loss benefits, lean muscle building benefits, change in BMI, thickening of skin…to name a few (see more on the research here: www.sprint8.com/research/)

So big deal right? Another HIIT program?


What makes this different?

It is not another HIIT program.

The science behind the Sprint 8 protocol and benefits make this different. That the science has held up for almost 20 years. This is proof that this exact protocol will yield results.
The fact that this program can accommodate those of all fitness levels and ages. The fact that most organizations we speak to (STAK Fitness/Matrix Canada have served close to 5000 since 2010 in Canada), are looking for something to differentiate themselves and better serve their clients. This could be the answer!

Due your due diligence.

Here are some resources to do just that, in addition to the articles above:
www.sprint8.com and www.readysetgofitness.com and listen to the podcast here: www.matrixlearningcenter.com/sprint-8-podcasts/


As a fitness operator, so what?

If you operate a studio, gym, municipal recreation center or university fitness center or any other center – why is this relevant?

Because we are always looking for a way to train more people better, yes?

Once you have done your due diligence, here is how you set up your Sprint 8 program for those patrons of yours who want results, fast, safely and with 20+ years of science behind it:

1. Understand the benefits of the program and how this positions you differently than the others in your community
2. Make the decision to implement it.
3. Have a plan. There are 3 different ways you can implement this program.
4. Get trained in the program protocol.

Your STAK Fitness/Matrix Canada consultant is a certified Sprint8 coach. They can walk you through the process.

More information via www.sprint8.com or contact your local representative at info@stakfitness.com


Greg Lawlor is VP of Sales and Customer Experience at STAK Fitness/Matrix Canada.