Results Rule At UBCO!


Getting your patrons to participate more frequently and get the benefits they deserve is what it is all about, it is not?

Your programs, the fitness offerings you provide are catered towards that goal, correct?

Everything we do is about that , yes?

At STAK Fitness, we are dialed into supporting that effort for those whom offer fitness services.  If that is not you, please disregard!

At University of British Columbia Okanagan, they are taking the bull by the horns by getting students involved in an interactive cycling competition.

They have qualified for the next round of competition on Oct 22-23 versus Marist as part of the Expresso Championships Fall Frenzy Event.

Having fun, common goals, collaboration, challenges, team cardio and using technology to connect are all ways that results rule in helping those we serve achieve their goals.

STAK Fitness VP of Business development, Dan Eriksson and the Interactive Fitness Holdings (makers of the Expresso Fitness Bike) have worked with the team at UBCO on strategies and activities to get students and the community involved.

The UBCO team has 80 riders, which is a tremendous number.  The rules of championship allow for as many students t participant as can be rounded up, and rewards are provided based on miles ridden.

How exciting!

See the bracket below and connect with your STAK representative as soon as possible to find out how this may work for your organization. (or email us at info@stakfitness.com and we will find you!)

Stay tuned here for further examples in the club market, municipal market and others.

Committed to making your life easier, period!

Your STAK Fitness Team.

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