Programming to Simplify the Answer


We are going through a shift in how people exercise. You have noticed, yes?

There are more and more options around which way to exercise. Not just fee for use facilities but online streaming is also growing at a tremendous pace.

You could make the case that we, as consumers have never had more choices on where and how to exercise.

This leads to a massive opportunity, does it not?
The opportunity to simplify is a big one.

What does that mean?

Most folks are confused.

In this “drive through age”, our society expects results yesterday. Expects delivery next day, 30 minutes or less …always quick!

When it comes to fitness, which way is the best way for results and time efficiency?

THERE is the opportunity to solve a problem.

The problem or challenge of simplifying for our customers.

If we don’t ……someone else will.

The answer lies around programming that is simple, safe and standard.

Example: Programming clients to train for power.

With so much of the population in the over 40- 50 year age range, there is a compelling case to be made that the decline we feel as we age has more to do with inactivity than the genetic process. Not only inactivity but the right activity.

More and more research is coming out around the benefits of interval training and training for speed.

Program for your clients to meet their day to day demands and participate in their favorite activity with minimal decline.

Create environments that make this simple.

Programming takes away all the guess work and escorts exercisers through a simple process. Show up, work out, get results.

There are examples all around you of organizations doing this to different degrees. Some are struggling, some are flourishing.

According to this report, many gym goers don’t know what they are doing:  http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/over-half-brits-confused-gym-nuffield-health-helen-skelton-health-exercising-fitness-a8146796.html 

As an organization, solving problems is the way to traction in offering fitness.

Programming to simplify the process for our patrons is the best way to solve this problem.

For programming examples, ideas, case studies, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@stakfitness.com


Greg Lawlor is VP of Sales and Customer Experience at STAK Fitness/Matrix Canada. You can connect on Facebook or Linkdin @greglawlor