Matrix Connexus Functional Training System


By eLifestyle’s certified fitness instructor & lifestyle expert, Robb Armstrong


Why Connexus is the Perfect Solution to Your Functional Training Craze?

These days, you’re no doubt looking for more diverse ways of exercising and boosting fitness levels. You’re probably looking for better, more unique training methods that will be functional and fun yet challenging enough to keep you focused on your goals. That’s why we guarantee Connexus is the perfect solution to your functional training craze!


Don’t settle for being average – Connexus didn’t!

This isn’t your average fitness fad, booty bootcamp or copy-cat fitness program, but rather a highly evolved approach to functional training for the most complete conditioning possible. Whether you’re a newbie to fitness, looking to gain a competitive edge for sport or even wanting to blast past personal plateaus in your fitness regiment, Connexus matches versatility and easy modifications with any goal for superior results. As a matter of fact, with the hyper-dynamic features incorporated into the Matrix Connexus Functional Training System, your training intensity and exercise selection will continue to evolve just as you do. The bottom line is this: more training, programming, power, performance and flexibility in the space you already have. In other words, prepare yourself to truly be in the best shape of your life!


Diverse, Functional, Flexible

Whether used as a freestanding unit or as multiple interconnected stations, the Matrix Connexus Functional Training System is equipped with multiple anchor points for more change-ups. This allows for maximum versatility with easy, smooth mechanic adjustments for seamless exercise transition. What’s more, a repeatable design option allows you to scale your system to suit your needs; you choose how you want to train and which accessories you want to use – it’s that simple. Now clients, members and trainers alike have the right carefully designed equipment that allows for programs to be tailored on-the-go for big-time fitness results.


Success Is In The Set-Up

Exercise space is personal. You want a look and feel that screams results. So when it comes to the layout of any space, functionality and design, plus a little added style will leave you with the professional look and feel you want to be successful. Connexus’ industry-leading design allows for customizable stations that fit precisely into the layout, turning any underutilized space into a professional and functional training set-up with just a single wall unit. Larger space? No problem! Linking several identical wall units in a row is a great way to create a class setting. Of course, by configuring several unique stations for a small-group training or circuit area you can create an even more dynamic set-up. This is how members and clients will be exposed to the types of programming they need to grow fitter, stronger, and ultimately better.


Boost Your Professional Training Business

As an owner, independent professional fitness trainer or coach you’re always working hard to stay one major step ahead of the competition, and Connexus has you top-of-mind here too; TRX, Band & Ball and Boxing custom modules are designed to produce explosive results with only 2 or 3 workouts per week in just 4 weeks! Easily modified, each finely tuned program is designed around complete full-body conditioning. And if that wasn’t enough, Connexus also provides instructors, trainers and coaches with exclusive access to a complete index of all Connexus exercises. Original classes and training routines can now be built, choreographed and modified, allowing instructors to tailor group training to the specific abilities of the members present at any given class or session. In turn, this saves valuable time, guaranteeing client success and helping to dramatically drive revenue and build loyalty.


Setting a New Fitness Industry Standard

The Matrix Connexus Functional Training System is quite simply the most professionally versatile, highly customizable, high I.Q approach to functional training. We know you won’t settle for mediocrity, so we didn’t!

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About the author:Robb Armstrong eLifestyle.ca (Equilibrium Lifestyle Management) With a true passion for all things “fitness,” for the past 16 years Robb Armstrong has been offering his expertise as a certified personal trainer, a health and wellness specialist, a competitive athlete for over 25 years, a fitness writer, and as Director of Fitness and Marketing with eLifestyle since 2008.