Is your fitness center a community for your patrons?



Ever been to a local pub in England or Ireland? From that old television show, where everyone knows your name? That can be found in many towns in Canada as well, where you feel at home and comfortable when out for a pint and sandwich.

There is a sport conditioning (And STAK Fitness customer) studio in Guelph, Ontario called SHIFT www.theshift.ca, with the same feeling. That is where my son trains and he is always greeted with a hello, by name, and his surrounded by like-minded peers from different sports, self-motivated and there to get better, stronger, faster. They support each other and the trainers are really coaches and teachers, and they make the young athletes feel comfortable.

One could even argue that coffee shops across Canada have developed that same feeling. Ever go into the small town coffee shop in different parts of the country? You will find a feel of community – even if a big name brand.

These places feel like home, you feel like you belong, and surrounded by folks who have lots in common with you.

From dictionary: a community is a group “who share common interests or common heritage”.

The benefits of community are significant when it comes to offering fitness.

It is one of the most powerful magnets your fitness center can have.

So your patrons have that feel when they walk in?

At STAK Fitness, we specialize in helping those whom offer fitness create an atmosphere of community. Where patrons look forward to going and belong. We recommend commercial fitness equipment as a means to an end, surrounded by programs that include sales, marketing, education and revenue generation opportunities.

Since 2010, STAK Fitness has worked with over 3000 facilities across Canada. From condominium fitness centers, Personal training studios, hotel fitness, to sport conditioning, municipal fitness centers, university fitness, college fitness and high school fitness offerings. Corporate fitness centers, national defence – you name it, if you offer fitness , we can help.

We do more than provide equipment, we provide tools for a better fitness offering.

For a FREE customized assessment, send an email to info@stakfitness.com, and one of our of regional experts will help asap.

Imagine: a fitness center where everyone knows your name!