I am not really sure how to differentiate our services for my target customer!



We run into this statement a lot.

Whether you operate a small hotel fitness studio, student residence, condominium fitness room, university or municipal fitness center, private personal training studio to a large gym, a corporate fitness space or a school based fitness center …the challenge is often the same.

How can we attract more people and keep the current exercisers coming back?

After working with over 4000 facilities since 2004, STAK Fitness can say that we have some solutions.

We have worked with many organizations, seen what has worked and what has not. We have also partnered with groups that have their own experiences in assisting operators solve this challenge.

We have found it has come down to 3-4 areas to solve the problem

  1. Create an experience that is unlike any other. The more pieces of the puzzle that are unique, the more you can differentiate and create value for those who are paying/attending.
  2. Have a method to promoting what goes on inside your 4 walls. Your staff, the program, the environment, the experience. Unless you get the word out, your services will be painted with the same brush as all others in your category….the same and bland!
  3. Have a refresh button and a plan. Similar to your computer, or smartphone – refresh is a good thing. You cannot throw some training tools into a space and expect it to keep breathing on its own. Your instructors, your exercisers, your programming needs a refresh regularly to keep it thriving. New training methods can get stale in a hurry.
  4. Build an ROI plan. How will your group evaluate return on investment? The days of sticking equipment into a room and hoping for the best are gone, if you want to solve the challenge of differentiating and thriving.


The good news is that this is not wheel re-invention. Not splitting the atom. Does not require months of trial and error.

There are templates, success stories, case studies, best practices that you can tap into. There is a group that will work with you to help shorten the learning curve and maximize the return.

From STAK’s perspective, that is the role of the equipment supplier. To assist and support you through any aspect of your journey.

Have a look at some examples, and let’s connect to solve your challenge.

The information is free, the cost to inactivity or trial and error is not.

Here is where you can see examples of what we mean…


ESCAPE Fitness Case Studies

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