How is one of the top fitness trends hurting your treadmills and what to do about it?


Number 2 in the Top-10 Fitness Trends for 2016 is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), as published by ACSM.

How can this trend be hurting your treadmills?

Well, there is another trend peaking within the HIIT workouts: the Deadmill Sprint.

The deadmill sprint is running on a treadmill with the unit turned off to gain the benefits of running or pushing with resistance.

Polling four of our current STAK Fitness customers, none had heard of the deadmill sprint.

However, I have personally observed the deadmill workout in 2 different gyms and 1 hotel fitness center over the past few months.

Running on a treadmill to drive the belt with human power, without the use of the drive motor on, is a bad idea mechanically and will cost you money!

So, how do you protect your investment while providing patrons with a top-ten workout solution? Provide a “deadmill” for them to work out on!

Designed to provide the resistance sprints now trending, the Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer is exactly that. A solution for you and a solution for your clients!

This manual treadmill is designed to provide the benefits of resisted running, both parachute & sled push, in the footprint of a treadmill. The S-Drive benefits also resistance walking, improves sprint biomechanics through its design, and built to also perform reverse, lateral, and rotational movements (not possible on a motorized treadmill in the off mode).

Find out more: How to use the S-Drive and 100+ educational videos of different patterns and workouts possible here.

Join the over 40 Canadian organizations already using the award winning Matrix S-Drive performance Trainer!

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