Germ Workouts: The Importance of Keeping Fitness Equipment in Toronto Sanitized


dangerous-germs-found-in-gym-equipmentGym and exercise equipment have helped millions of people lose their weight and improve their overall well-being, but sometimes, these very same items can pose hazards to health. According to a report posted recently on KXII.com, a study conducted by the University of California-Irvine showed gym equipment can potentially host dangerous germs. This highlights the importance of keeping fitness equipment in Toronto and other parts of the world sanitized.

The report said that a group of high school students from Texas might have gotten ill because of the gym equipment they used. Rance Sanborn, a sophomore, was working out in Callisburg High School’s weight room last July when he started having really bad migraines. He also felt tightness in the back of his neck, as well as nausea. “A lot of the people, some of the kids who got sick, they threw up,” he added.

Sanborn was eventually diagnosed with viral meningitis, which affects the lining of the brain and the spinal cord, and causes the symptoms Sanborn mentioned, including rashes and muscle pains in some cases. According to Dr. Aditi Swami of Texas Medical Center, the illness can be acquired by using gym and athletic equipment, where other pathogens and bacteria may also be present.

Fortunately, the students were only afflicted with the viral type of meningitis and not the bacterial one, which is more lethal. The KXII.com report noted that there was still no confirmation if the viral infection was really picked up from the school equipment or from a student who was already carrying the virus. Nevertheless, actions were taken by the administration as they started disinfecting their equipment and facilities daily.

Following the incident, Dr. Swami advised people to wipe any gym equipment every time before use and to use hand sanitizers before workouts. She also reminded people to be mindful of others within the gym or practice facility and see if anyone is sick.

Exercise is an important part of everyone’s lives, not only those of athletes. Being able to use topnotch machines and equipment is crucial to achieve one’s fitness goals. However, even if schools, offices, and homes use world-class Toronto fitness equipment like those offered by Stak Fitness, it is still essential that they keep them clean and well-maintained.

In the battle against sickness and the journey towards wellness, having the right training methods, the finest equipment, and a clean environment is the formula for success.