Do 96% of your Members Offer Referrals?


The key to a success business is to provide an experience and/or products that people see value in.

In fitness, that is the cornerstone to success.

Too many fail to grasp this and then offer the experience to those who need it the most.
That is one of the reasons why referrals are held in such high esteem.

How many referrals to you generate?

Imagine if 96% of your customers referred you services.  STAK Fitness does not get 96% referrals that is for sure!

There is a small club in Warman, Saskatchewan that gets 96% referrals.

recommend bikes

They get so many referrals, people in the grocery store talk about going to the club to try the “special bikes”.

Best of all, we can prove they get the referrals and the owners of teh bikes can track them!

Imagine, a built in marketing program into the experience that patrons will not find anywhere else in the region!

Congratulations to Orlando and the Anytime Fitness Team in Warman, Saskatchewan.

Driving traffic through impactful experiences….and able to track them thanks to the support from Sheldon Guy and the STAK Fitness team.

Oh yeah, did we mention that ATF Warman is in the top 3 in the world in their monthly engagement contest?2 bikes in Warman is competing with a large group in Australia and a large YMCA in the USA , and others.

top 3 warman

Let’s serve more people better through your fitness services.

Connect with your STAK Fitness representative and let’s look into the toolbox and see how we can help.

Connect with you soon,

Your STAK Fitness Team!