5 ways to take advantage of the High Intensity Interval Training trend (HIIT)


The 2018 fitness trends, like those in previous years, have listed High Intensity Interval Training as the top (2018) or one of the top trends (previous years) as determined by over 3000 fitness trainers and leaders in the American College of Sports Medicine poll.

The industry has spoken about its popularity, the question then becomes HOW do you take advantage of this trend.

  1. Take HIGH out of HIIT!

There are a few types of interval training. At its very core, interval training is alternating between work and rest periods during a workout. That means, very fundamentally, that working harder than normal for a period of time followed by rest is by definition interval training.

HIIT is HIGH intensity interval training, which means pushing close to max effort.  Then there is Sprint Intensity (SIIT), which is max effort.


  1. Vary the programming protocol

Like any training program, progression for your members/clients/patrons is the key to making sure gains are achieved without risk of injury or soreness.  Jumping from rest to HIIT without progression will turn many people away and risk injury.


  1. Provide multiple ways to perform interval training

When combined with High Intensity Interval Training, high impact activities increase the wear and tear on the body. The focus on exercise is to build up the body, not to wear it down. Providing interval training opportunities that are no impact, low impact as well as the odd high impact can minimize the toll on the body.

A ladder drill can be high impact for some at a lower fitness level.

Sprinting, jumping, hopping are all examples of borderline extreme high impact activities that will break people down if your clientele is over 40 or at a mid to low fitness level.

Interval training can be done in small group, can be offered in your main fitness area through your cardio equipment. HIIT classes are now offered in multiple organizations this way using ellipticals, bikes and treadmills.


  1. Educate on the benefits and details around interval training.

There is so much research available now on the benefits of interval training.  This research is the foundation to educating your team and patrons on the science and safety around interval training.

Here is a snapshot.

  • On the overall benefits



  • On heart strength and interval training


  • On results with heart disease patients and risk of stroke with interval training


  • Mcmaster University released a study on How 18 minutes HIIT interval training can deliver similar benefits to 5 hours or moderate exercise


  • How interval training can offset the aging process by releasing growth hormone!



  1. Market, Train and Program

Staff training on current science and customization around interval training.

Build out some program like the Sprint8 classes offered in many organizations.  Market these options and programs.


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Greg Lawlor is VP of Sales and Customer Experience at STAK Fitness/Matrix Canada. You can connect on Facebook or Linkdin @greglawlor