Body Weight Training Taken To The Next Level!


Article courtesy of Advantage Sport and Fitness

Total Gym has introduced a new way to strength train with an alternative to selectorized and plate-loaded single-station machines for the gym floor.

Taking proven functional training principles developed with their Flagship Line of multi-purpose machines, which include the Total Gym PowerTower, Total Gym GTS and Total Gym Sport, the team at Total Gym created the Elevate Line – simple, accessible muscle-targeted training machines utilizing just a person’s bodyweight as resistance.

Inviting everyone to “Plank our Way,” Total Gym launched the first piece of the new Elevate Line in March 2013 at the IHRSA tradeshow and the fitness industry was quick to get onboard with the most innovative solution for core conditioning: the Total Gym® Core Trainer™. It quickly became a very popular tool because it takes planking off the floor and adds the benefits of functional training. The Core Trainer was designed for two primary movements – the Dynamic Plank and the SCRUNCH – however, the possibilities are endless.

While most ab exercises concentrate on a crunch movement, requiring you to curl up, the primary function of the abdominals is not to flex the spine, but to work together with the back muscles to maintain erect posture and stabilize the spine. In other words, the best exercises for abs are ones that engage the entire core in order to stabilize, balance, and support the spine for everyday activities and sports performance.

Able to accommodate all fitness levels, the Core Trainer strengthens the abdominals while also recruiting all the muscles that make up the core, including those in your pelvis, back, hips, shoulders and abdomen. Working the complete core musculature in unison results in better balance and stability making it easier to do everything from throwing a ball, bending down to tie your shoes, and even standing with proper posture.

Already in hundreds of facilities around the world, the Core Trainer has not only become a popular tool for the fitness floor – challenging both beginners and conditioned athletes with a plethora of movements – but can be found in hotel fitness centers and multi-family housing developments as well because of its easy-to-use nature.

The instructional placard illustrates six basic exercise options, and a QR code takes users to the Total Gym website where they can find video demonstrations of more advanced athletic moves. Facilities without gym-floor staff can offer this as an intuitive core training machine, while those with a robust personal training department can implement new, high-intensity core work with just a little creativity.

leg trainer

 Focusing on single-purpose use with each machine in the Elevate Line targeting a specific muscle group, Total Gym has followed up the success of the Core Trainer with the Total Gym Leg Trainer™, Total Gym® Press Trainer™ and Total Gym® Pull-up Trainer™, and will continue to add more products over the next few years.

The Elevate Line is available through Total Gym’s partnership with STAK Fitness, since 2011 working together to make your life easier. Period.

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