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The Johnny G In-Trinity® Board by Matrix is a groundbreaking incline training platform that builds strength, deepens flexibility and improves balance, coordination and agility. It allows users to extend their range of motion into the negative space beneath the board, and the elevated design makes it more accessible to a wide range of ability levels. Unique programming draws on multiple disciplines including yoga and martial arts to promote wellness, emphasize mindfulness and breathe new life into traditional practices.

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GRAVITY The In-Trinity board and training program harness the power of gravity to create resistance and to facilitate movement. Some movements must overcome gravity’s pull, while gravity works to assist other movements.

NEGATIVE SPACE Negative space is the area beneath the board. Access to this space allows users to extend their range of motion beyond what is possible when training on the floor.

ERGO-GRIP RAILS The rails provide stability and help anchor the body so that users can deepen stretches and explore new movements. Access to negative space enables users to grasp the rails and better connect with the board.

STRAPS The quick-connect straps serve as an extension of the board and keep users connected and centered. They provide resistance and stabilization, enabling users to confidently attempt more challenging movements.

STICKS Inspired by martial arts training, In-Trinity sticks serve as extensions of users’ arms and hands to provide length and light resistance. They assist with balance while improving hand-eye coordination and reaction time. INCLINE Incline changes the way the body perceives movement and can alter the challenge of certain exercises. Muscle activation for the hamstrings, quads, glutes and calves increases when performing dynamic movements on an incline.

DECLINE Decline also changes the way the body perceives movement and can alter the challenge of certain exercises. Decline creates opportunity for exercise involving eccentric muscle contraction, which applies force to muscles as they lengthen.

HOURGLASS DECK The hourglass shape allows users to comfortably straddle the In-Trinity board. It also facilitates flowing transitions

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